That Banana on the Wall? At Art Basel Miami It’ll Cost You $120,000.

Keep in mind when Morley Safer famously — controversially — requested on “60 Minutes” whether or not Marcel Duchamp’s urinal and Jeff Koons’s vacuum cleaners had been actually artwork? Now, within the spirit of such questions, comes Maurizio Cattelan’s (considerably overripe) banana pinned to the wall with grey duct tape.

For 3 consumers at Artwork Basel Miami, who paid between $120,000 and $150,000 every for such items this week, the reply was unquestionably, Sure.

And two further artist proofs (additionally bananas) are going to museums.

Evidently, the bananas have prompted the very buzz that Mr. Cattelan has long been a master at generating (his golden toilet — recently stolen — being only the most immediate example).

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