The best cordless vacuum for 2020

Today’s advanced vacuum cleaners are nothing like the clunky types of decades past. They’re cordless, lightweight plus they pack rechargeable batteries for extreme portability and convenience. These machines aren’t simple dustbusters either. They rival a traditional upright corded vacuum, both in flexibility and power. Seriously, these things have the strong suction necessary for a hardcore cleaning tool. Many come with numerous attachments such as for instance an extension wand, crevice nozzle and dusting brush. They also provide special modes to tackle multiple floor types, including hardwood floors, bare floors, carpet and stairs. They can also handle household chores like cleaning upholstery and furniture.

Dyson pioneered this field using its lineup of capable — and pricey — Cyclone V series stick vacs. A host of companies now offer their particular cordless vacuums. In some cases, they are shameless clones of Dyson products. In others, they are unique assumes the cordless vacuum, providing novel features all their own.

Is any cordless stick vacuum worth buying over Dyson’s premium models? And if so, which cordless vac makes probably the most sense for you? To find the answer, we selected eight current cordless vacuums. On our buyer’s guide list are stick vacs from well-known vacuum cleaner heavyweights including Hoover, Bissell and Shark. We also included a few options from vacuum newcomers Moosoo and Onson, both popular, low-cost Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner alternatives sold through Amazon.

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We then put them through a rigorous battery of floor-care tests on hard flooring, carpet and other surfaces. The process took over 150 hours to complete. It also consumed multiple pounds of sand and rice, plus countless handfuls of pet hair. After that, we’ve determined that these products and services are our picks for the best cordless vacuum for 2020.

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The V11 is Dyson’s latest and greatest stick vac. It’s also the most high priced machine within our test group. That said, this flagship model delivered best-in-class performance to match its steep price. On hardwood floor surfaces, this Dyson vacuum literally wiped the bare floors clean from dust and dirt. The vacuum, that includes a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack, demonstrated near-flawless pickup of both sand and black rice test samples (99.6 and 100%, respectively). 

Pet owners will also appreciate the V11’s prowess at eliminating pet hair. During anecdotal tests, the vacuum completely removed hair fibers and dust from mid-pile and low-pile carpet. Pet hair pickup across hardwood flooring went almost aswell. The only detractors were a stray clump the vacuum missed at the top of our test area. That and some strands wound up wrapped across the V11’s brush roll. 

I undoubtedly like how easy the V11’s dust bin would be to empty. Just aim the vacuum in to the trash, and push a release tab to open the dust bin’s lid. To close it, pull the tab in the alternative direction. Other models we tested were a nightmare in this regard. The Hoover BladeMax gave us the most trouble. Hair and dust an average of became trapped deep inside its dirt cup. I came across its bin tricky to open too. Worse, it is not always clear that the dirt bin is securely attached.    

Dyson also bundles numerous attachments in the box. Among them certainly are a crevice tool for cleaning tight spaces, a motorized tool for upholstery, a soft dusting brush and a stubborn dirt brush head for pulling ground-in dirt from the carpet with strong suction. All this makes the Dyson V11 the clear choice for the best cordless vacuum money can find.

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The second-best performer in our band of cordless vacuums was the Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless. It came very close to cleaning floors along with the Dyson V11, but costs hundreds less. The Rocket cordless and bagless vacuum removed equally as much sand from both midpile carpet and hardwood floors. In fact, the only area where the Shark trailed the V11 since the best cordless vacuum was over low-pile carpet. There, the cordless cleaner pulled away an overage of 67.6% of our test sand. By contrast, the Dyson V11 removed a greater quantity of sand from our low-pile carpeting (78.4% on average).

The Rocket didn’t have trouble handling pet hair either. On both low-pile carpet and hardwood, this handheld cordless vacuum wiped away all traces of animal dander. Results were favorable across midpile carpet, too. Only a small tuft of hair remained following the vacuum passed over the thicker, more challenging surface.

Design is still another of the Rocket Pet Pro’s strengths. Its dust cup is nearly as an easy task to empty since the Dyson V11. The dust cup an average of remains free from dirt and debris aswell, not stuck inside even with emptying. I also appreciate how the Rocket Pet Pro’s wand and upholstery tool can stand upright by itself (disconnected from the main vacuum unit). LIGHT EMITTING DIODE lights on the nozzle help you see dirt and debris around your home, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes for easy charging. So, in the event that you seek a great midrange cordless upright stick vac, Shark’s Rocket Pro is an outstanding option.

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If you’d like to own a Dyson but would prefer to not spend top dollar, think about the $450 Dyson V8 Absolute hand vac. This step-down cordless model is a couple of years old, though has powerful suction and performs such as a champ. On our floor-cleaning tests, the V8 came in a good third. In our test group, only the Dyson V11 and Shark Rocket Pet Pro scoured floors better than the V8.

On a difficult floor, the vacuum were able to pickup typically 98% of the sand we dropped. For low-pile carpet, that average fell to 68.3%. The average slipped further across midpile carpet, though remained at a good 52%.

Pet hair didn’t faze the V8 hand vacuum much either. It pulled hair from midpile and low-pile carpets completely. It did neglect to remove a tiny bit of dander on hardwood. Additionally, some fibers became wrapped around the vacuum’s brush roll. But the washable filter was handy.

And similar to the V11 Torque Drive, the V8 Absolute upright vacuum has a generous choice of add-ons. That includes gadgets for dusting, a crevice tool for reaching right into a tight crevice, a soft cleaning head for bare floors, a motorized brush roll for grabbing ground-in dirt and debris, and a docking station for charging the battery. So for those who’d want to own a Dyson brand stick vac a little less money, the V8 Absolute may be worth a look.     

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Moosoo isn’t exactly a family group name. Nevertheless, the $110 Moosoo M X6 cordless vacuum packs a respectable punch, considering its low price. Despite costing significantly less than competing vacuums, the M X6 was the fourth-best performer in our test group of eight models.

The stick vac found 99% (on average) of our test sand from hardwood. On low-pile carpet, that figure sank to 41.3%. The M X6 fared better across thicker midpile carpet though, earning a greater sand pickup average of 52.2%.

Black rice, our large particle test soil, was very simple for the Moosoo vacuum. It managed pickup averages above 90% on hardwood, low-pile and midpile carpet (95.4, 96.8 and 94%, respectively).

Don’t choose the Moosoo M X6, though, if you’re a pet owner. Cons are that at least some visible dander remained after vacuuming, regardless of the test surface. The brush roll tends to wrap strands of hair around itself aswell.

If you want cordless vacuuming with limited funds, however, think about the Moosoo M X6. It just might suit you perfectly, and for much less cash.

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How we test cordless vacuums

Putting cordless vacuums through their paces isn’t as complicated as testing a robot vacuum cleaner, nonetheless it still takes lots of time and careful effort to obtain the best cordless vacuum. We run each vacuum in a straight line across three different surfaces (hardwood, low-pile carpet, midpile carpet). On all three test beds, the test area is the same length (30.25 inches).

Our custom-built tool lets us match the soil area to each vacuum’s nozzle width. The quantity of soil used for each test also depends on the sort of flooring.

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The width of the test bed is proportional the vacuum’s nozzle width. We measure this width ourselves. We also use nozzle width, plus the flooring type, to calculate the soil density for each test, per International Electrotechnical Commission instructions. The IEC is an international standards human anatomy responsible for managing vacuum testing procedures, among other items, for vacuum manufacturers.

We test vacuums on three kinds of floor surfaces.

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We use three types of soil. To simulate small particle size, we use a mixture of play sand and landscaping sand. To emulate larger dirt particles, we use uncooked black rice. To see how vacuums deal with pet hair, we use our mixture of clippings sourced to us through our local pet groomer. 


We run tests in a straight line across all three floor types.

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We perform three runs (at minimum) on each floor type. We also test with sand and rice separately. That involves at least 18 tests per vacuum. We weigh the vacuum’s dust bin both before and after each run. 

Percentage of sand removed

Onson D18E Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Sand from low-pile

Sand from hardwood

Sand from mid<span class=”scribe-editor-marker” style=”display: none;”></span>pile


Results listed are the typical percentage of total material removed from test surface

From there we can calculate the percentage of dirt and debris pickup for every run and the average amount of soil a vacuum manages to get rid of. Additionally, we run anecdotal (visual) pet hair tests for each vacuum, on all three floor types to help us select the best cordless vacuum.

Percentage of rice removed

Onson D18E Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Rice from low-pile

Rice from hardwood

Rice from midpile


Results listed are the average percentage of total material removed from test surface

Want more cordless vacuum options? Here’s a list of another stick vacs we tested besides the models listed above:

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