The Bills are the playoff team everyone will ignorantly sleep on

There’s nothing pretty about the Buffalo Bills, but if you sleep on them at the NFL playoffs, do this at your risk since they’re great!

It has been some time, but the Buffalo Bills have experienced a 10-win year this century. By beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 17-10 in Heinz Field on Sunday Night Football in Week 15, the Bills have clinched their second playoff berth in three seasons and their initial 10-win season because Wade Phillips was their head coach back 1999. In other words, the Bills are great! But how great?

The Bills are great enough to go into Wild Card weekend as the No. 5 seed and also feel confident of getting a road victory over the AFC South winners. This team is much more persistent than the Houston Texans and also a more emotionally hard variant of this Tennessee Titans. Buffalo just overcome a fellow playoff competition on the street in primetime at Pittsburgh along with also the point did not faze the Bills.

We saw glimpses of the whenever the Bills beat the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day at Arlington. This was a point the Cowboys participate in each year as well as the Greens went and dominated them as if it had been just another day on the job. Their lunch pail attitude was essential in them choosing Devlin”Duck” Hodges four occasions on Sunday night at a hostile road environment in Pittsburgh.

With two division games left, the Bills have a chance to win the AFC East, as one of the games is contrary to the New England Patriots, that are just 1 match up on Buffalo at the division standings. Considering that the Bills’ strong identity of fantastic defense and punch-you-in-the-mouth conducting fashion, they play a brand of soccer that could beat any group they encounter at any certain time.

Buffalo isn’t merely a playoff team, but a severe hazard to represent the AFC in Super Bowl LIV down in Miami. Regardless, the Bills won’t have the cachet of the Baltimore Ravens, the Kansas City Chiefs or the Patriots, but it does not mean that they can not hold their own with all the crème de la crème of their AFC. This group demonstrated it goes on the huge stage moving ahead the remainder of the way.

This really is a group that knows precisely who they’re. At this stage in the summer, any competitor that is not sure about its identity is doomed to fall apart for this reason in the forthcoming weeks. Sure, Buffalo can get overcome by a superior staff who performs better at any given point of the AFC playoffs. That having been said, Bills Mafia has lots to cheer for and if you sleep on this group, you are a fool.

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