The PS5’s design is being relentlessly mocked in Twitter memes

Sony lastly revealed the design of the PlayStation 5 today and it definitely … stands apart. You will not have the ability to miss it beside your TELEVISION or your on your desk. Whether or not that’s an advantage or a bad thing is approximately you. (At least there’s no chance that individuals will get the PS5 puzzled with a refrigerator.)

Twitter, obviously, instantly had viewpoints, and the memes are currently streaming strong. Here are a few of our favorites.

The PS5 as a router

The PS5 as a desktop

The PS5 as a carrier

Make- your-own PS5

The PS5 as a BMW

The PS5 as a face

The PS5 as Sauron’s tower

The PS5 as a Destiny character

The PS5’s popped collar

The PS5 as an overly-modern structure

I’m a fan of this tweet

The PS5 Pro

The PS5 as an Xbox 360

Update June 11 th, 9: 28 PM ET: Added a tweet of a fan that appears like the PS5.

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