These Reporters Lost Their Jobs. Here Are the Stories They Couldn’t Tell.

Allison Guinn was the assistant managing editor and dropped her job in May. She’s been freelancing and searching for fulltime work out journalism.

Once I was a reporter, I covered Lakeland City Hall, the largest city in our region, also if I became an editor, I retained composing, only as we had to fill holes. We managed to find some great stories out there. However, follow-ups were murdering us. By way of instance, we had a reporter,” Clifford Parody, who’d gone following the backlog of rape kits in Florida, and the nation said they’d go through and examine each of the kits. The Winter Haven authorities had a few arrests because of the testing, which we wrote about. It was proof that this difficult narrative this talented reporter had completed was making a huge difference.

Not long afterwards, Parody was set away. And then we noticed that the state was not doing what it had stated it would, and even the Winter Haven police department was not testing all of the kits. However, the reporter isn’t there anymore, and it had been like all of it vanished from institutional understanding. If you are going to break up a story, if you are going to push it, then it is awful that you don’t have to be there to follow along with. As an editor, that is what kept me up at nighttime.

— The Greeley Tribune —

Ms. Delaney coated local sports at Greeley and also the surrounding region. This month, she had been told that the paper was cutting on her and a different sports reporter positions, only a year after she’d moved to Colorado for the occupation.

You speak to athletic directors, you speak to coaches, you move to matches. You call folks and expect you reach them . Then you go from that point.

Last month, an athletic manager called me to inform me a soccer trainer was stepping down after the year because he trusted me. As soon as I got that advice, I wrote a story on the trainer: I spoke to him, spoke to some participant, spoke to a mentor at an opposing high school, and flourish — we are off to the races. That is how it works. If we are losing journalists, just how does that work? I really don’t know what is next. What happens if a person buys in the booster club? I hope it does not happen, but when a person like me is here, folks may don’t hesitate to phone and say,’Hey, you need to check out this.’ What happens when nobody is about?

There is 1 story that is not likely to happen but I actually wanted to have to. Some colleges in the region have struggled with not having sufficient bus drivers. I was planning to look at that issue out of a sports perspective: How are teams getting to matches? How are the programs altering? Does that contribute to more days? I attempted to place this in motion several times in the autumn and a person did not return to me I got sidetracked by a different mission. I despise that.


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The interviews had been edited for brevity and clarity.

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