This again? New coronavirus lockdown triggers second wave of panic buying in Australia (VIDEOS) — RT World News

A brand new wave of panic buying has hit Melbourne, with major queues lining up outside supermarkets after local authorities announced the reintroduction of stricter anti-coronavirus measures – that don’t actually prohibit shopping.

The stage three lockdown measures will return to metropolitan Melbourne and areas north of the town starting on Wednesday, Victorian PM Daniel Andrews confirmed. The announcement came atop the decision of two major chains, Coles and Woolworths, to remove all buying restrictions at stores all across Australia.

The mix of two has apparently had quite a result on the general public, as major queues emerged at shops across the city almost straight away with people lining up at night to lay their hands on some ‘essentials’.

The queues were pictured both outside and inside major supermarkets.

Some stores had their shelves stripped clean by the panic buyers, footage from the scene indicates.

The causes of such behavior remain a mystery, especially since the tighter lockdown doesn’t actually prohibit people from shopping. Many users online condemned the panic buyers, arguing they are the actual and only reason behind any potential shortages.

While panic buying has been observed world wide amid the pandemic, Australians have ended up being particularly hungry for stockpiling groceries. During the first wave of the pandemic-induced panic, several violent incidents in the united states made headlines as angry shoppers literally brawled over toilet roll.

The “ridiculous” behavior was condemned by the country’s PM Scott Morrison as that he urged the panic buyers to “stop it,” assuring the general public there was enough groceries for several.

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