‘This Is God’s Work to Slow Me Down’

Sean “Diddy” Combs is taking a while off to concentrate on his wellness.

On Friday, the Grammy Award- winning musician, 50, exposed to followers that he was undertaking his 4th surgical treatment in 2 years. In a collection of video clips shot from his health center bed as well as shared on his Instagram Stories, Diddy excused missing his scheduled look in San Francisco prior to informing followers that he was going under the blade to repair work a quadriceps tendon tear.

“I just found out yesterday, they squeezed me in for today,” he cooperated a video clip in which registered nurses can be seen preparing his left leg for the clinical treatment. “Pray for ya boy, I’m gonna see you all next time and make it up y’all.”

The songs magnate after that took place to mention the root cause of his newest health center browse through, clarifying to fans that he’s possibly “one of the most accident-prone people in the world.”


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“I’m clumsy. I trip. I fall. I fall in holes. It’s always been like that,” he shared. “This is my fourth surgery in two years. I’ve had two rotator cuffs, a knee replacement, and now it’s on quad.”

He proceeded, “At the end of the day, this is God’s work to slow me down, take better care of body and eat right — and just stop treating my body like a machine.”

“This is unbelievable,” he included, prior to informing his followers that he does not desire any kind of compassion. “I did it to myself by accident.”

Diddy additionally stated his medical background in the Instagram Stories, sharing that he’s had concerning 10 clinical treatments in his life time thus far consisting of 4 potter’s wheel cuff surgical treatments, a partial knee substitute as well as procedures on his toe, wrist as well as bicep.


“I just wanna be honest with ya and say to everybody else that’s clumsy and accident-prone, I pray for you,” he stated. “Pray for me. This is gonna be my last surgery, I promise.”

After sharing clips of his physician cutting his leg to prepare for surgical treatment, Diddy finished his wellness upgrade with a motivational message for the team of youngsters battling childhood years cancer cells that he met on The Ellen DeGeneres Show the day previously.

“You guys are truly inspiring me now,” he stated, prior to introducing right into a performance of his 2001 tune “Bad Boy for Life.”

He included, “Never give up. Praise. Peace.”


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On Thursday, the rap artist stunned Layla Mosely, Ke’Yair Stephens, Zoey Nieves, Imani Hollis, Phillip Escalante, Maddie Kelsoe, Will Walker as well as Baylee Hankins– that went viral in December when they shared a video clip of them asking for to dancing with Diddy– on the early morning talk program as well as met their dream.

When host Ellen DeGeneres asked the children why they picked to dancing to “Bad Boy for Life,” they stated that the verses talked to them as well as their fight.

“In the song, it’s ‘survive what you been through,’ and we’re all battling cancer and we ain’t going anywhere!” Walker informed DeGeneres.

Diddy after that left from behind a drape, embracing every one of them as they excitedly hurried over to him.


“I was so touched that this song that has helped me get through so many trials and tribulations, is fueling you guys to know the power you have in yourself, to believe that we ain’t going nowhere,” he informed the team.

To cap off the big day, the youngsters existed with a $25,000 contribution to Fighting All Monsters (FAM) company, a charitable that sustains households with youngsters experiencing childhood years cancer cells, prior to ultimately having a cute dancing event to “Bad Boy for Life” with Diddy.

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