Transition from Oil to AI: Middle East Can Be the Next Great AI Hub

What does your mind recall when you hear about the Middle East? A Fox News report? Terrorist groups? Or maybe Iran’s nuclear program? These are all true, but in less than one decade, the name of the Middle East may be associated with artificial intelligence, and this region could become one of the greatest AI hubs in the world. Here is transition from oil to AI and how the Middle East can be the next great AI hub.

The development of the Middle East transition.

The AI in the Middle East is still at the initial development phase. Good progress has been made. Despite a bad reputation and the stereotype that illustrates the Middle East as an oil-dependent and a bare of innovation region, the scope of AI impacts on the Middle East is on the rise.

This region is opening its way in innovations to become the leader of nascent tech in the near future. UAE recently launched its first Mars mission, as the first Arab country that aims to explore space. Also, in the coronavirus pandemic, Middle Eastern countries were proactive in using AI to fight the virus.

AI Replaces Oil in the Middle East

The Middle East is traditionally known for its oil and non-renewable resources, but this pattern is going to change. The oil price shock caused serious problems for states in the Middle East and forced Persian Gulf states to reconsider their economic structures. Arab kings know oil isn’t a reliable source of income anymore, and they must look for tech-driven, sustainable sources to…

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