Trump plans to cut US military presence in Germany – reports — RT World News

US President Donald Trump is preparing to lower the variety of American soldiers stationed in Germany, a number of media outlets reported, pointing out an unnamed authorities.

The precise size of the force that might be left is still unidentified, however reports at Reuters and the Wall Street Journal state that initial plans include up to 9,500 soldiers– more than one 4th of the 34,500- strong contingent– that might be redeployed by September.

Some media, like Germany’s Deutsche Welle, without delay connected the withdrawal to Washington’s discontentment with Berlin over its constant failure to contribute 2 percent of its GDP to the NATO budget plan, as is needed under alliance standards. Last August, the previous US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, sparred with German MPs after grumbling that it was “insulting” for Berlin to anticipate US taxpayers to “keep paying for over 50,000 Americans” stationed in the nation.

The authorities informed the Journal that the suggested decrease is unassociated to the spat over the NATO budget plan, nevertheless, and is rather an outcome of months of preparation by America’s top military officer, General Mark Milley, chairman of the joint chiefs of personnel. The order for the drawdown eventually originated from Trump’s nationwide security consultant, Robert O’Brien

National Security Council spokesperson John Ullyot did not validate the news and stated he is uninformed of any such choice, informing The Hill: “The United States remains committed to working with our strong ally Germany to ensure our mutual defense, as well as on many other important issues.”

Authorities in Berlin have actually up until now been mum on the concern also, as the defense and foreign ministries have actually declined remarks to the German press. A spokesperson for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU parliamentary faction, Henning Otte, informed Reuters the federal government would “wait and see” what the Americans would do. Still, he likewise kept in mind that such choices require to be gone over “either bilaterally or within NATO” initially.

The defense policy spokesperson for Germany’s Social Democrats, Fritz Felgentreu, stated that it is up to Washington to serve as it chooses, however included that such a relocation is certainly inappropriate for putting in pressure on Berlin.

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