Turkey dismisses Egypt ceasefire initiative in Libya – Middle East Monitor

Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar said that his country rejects the Egyptian ceasefire initiative in Libya, adding that what Cairo wants is not applicable.

Akar’s statements came throughout a meeting held on Saturday with the Turkish Chief-of-Staff Yasar Gulder and military personnel stationed in Libya in the context of his country’s support for the internationally-recognised Government of National Accord.

Akar added that Egypt is inciting “unlawful confrontation” and trying to “do something on its own, but everything it does is not applicable.”

The Turkish defence minister noted that Cairo is not making any serious contribution toward reaching solutions or reinforcing unity and solidarity among the Libyan people but is pursuing its “own interests”.

“Their intentions are clear,” that he said.

On the contrary, Turkey is active in Libya at the invitation of the internationally-recognised GNA and centered on bilateral agreements between Ankara and Tripoli.

Last month, military forces affiliated with the GNA, backed by Turkey, ended a year-long offensive on Tripoli that was launched by the Egypt-backed army of self-styled military General Khalifa Haftar.

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