Twitter SLAMS Disney World For Re-Opening Amid Soaring Number Of Coronavirus Cases: ‘Florida Is A Death Trap’

Despite being totally closed since the mid-March beginnings of the coronavirus pandemic within the United States, Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort is currently open yet again — and it’s got a lot of critics calling the area out because of its shortsightedness and poor leadership amid the ongoing COVID-19 scare.

Nevertheless, people flocked back again to the park over the week-end, the first guests to set foot in the Magic Kingdom in roughly 16 weeks. And regardless of the surge in coronavirus cases specifically within the state of Florida, it appears as though folks… just don’t care enough in order to avoid the pandemic down there in the Sunshine State?! WTF??

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Ecstatic to re-open to the general public, the Greatest Place on Earth released a statement to the media informing everyone of these intentions, in addition to their gratitude for having made it up to now after the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic. In the statement, the Florida-based theme park’s spokesman reiterated their pleasure to come back to normal operating hours and schedules, saying (below):

“This morning marks another milestone in the phased reopening of Walt Disney World Resort, as Magic Kingdom Park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park welcome guests for the first time in several months. Our cast members have been eagerly anticipating this moment and are looking forward to making magic today as only they can.”

Hmmm… OK then!

But while the park reopening does mean the right things, for certain — namely paying jobs for a large number of people who were likely unemployed prior to the park’s return — there are also a huge amount of concerns in regards to the safety of reopening a public place like that amid a serious surge and spike in confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Sunshine State.

One Twitter user noted how Florida this week had a day with increased than 15,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, tweeting (below):

“Florida is an epicenter. In fact, the # of daily new coronavirus cases in Florida was just 35% HIGHER than New York’s WORST day. Here’s an idea, let’s open Disney World!”

And a different one didn’t mince words, adding more commentary to your decision:

“Disney World reopened yesterday. How could they *even* do this in light of what’s happening? Florida is a death trap.”


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More piled on from there, trending ‘Disney World’ on the social network on Sunday morning with commentary like this:

“You’re a really bad parent and person if you take your kids to Disney World during a deadly pandemic.”

And this:

“The people who are visiting Disney World right now while Florida is at 15 thousand new cases per day are a huge problem for us as a society. They do stupid things their whole lives and make it harder for the rest of us to accomplish anything, as we clean up their mistakes.”


Even the memes came out with this one:

Too true!!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?! What do y’all think about Disney World’s decision to re-open down in Florida this weekend?? Smart or MAYBE NOT??

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