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Bahrain has expressed its help for the air strikes carried out by the US yesterday in opposition to the Kataib Hezbollah (KH) services in Iraq and neighbouring Syria. The announcement was made in a tweet by the Bahrain International Ministry.

The ministry’s official webpage described the US strikes as a response to “repeated terrorist assaults” by the KH, which is aligned with Iran and varieties a part of the Hashd Al-Shaabi umbrella group of paramilitaries that fought in opposition to Daesh. “The Kingdom of Bahrain lauds the strategic function of the USA of America in combatting terrorist teams within the area. It additional reiterates its help for all efforts and measure taken by the US to protect regional and worldwide peace and safety.”

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America performed the “defensive” aerial assaults in opposition to the group in response to the killing of a US civilian contractor in a rocket assault on a navy base within the northern Iraqi metropolis of Kirkuk, which additionally left 4 US service personnel and two Iraqi troopers wounded. Targets included the headquarters of the Hashd Al-Shaabi’s 45th and 46th Brigades close to the western Qaim district on the border with Syria; not less than 25 fighters are believed to have been killed, together with a commander.

Reuters quoted senior commander Jamal Jaafar Ibrahimi, identified by his alias Abu Mahdi Al-Mohandes, as saying that, “The blood of the martyrs won’t be in useless and our response can be very powerful on the American forces in Iraq.”

Iraq’s caretaker Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi additionally voiced condemnation over the US assault as a violation of Iraqi sovereignty and a “harmful escalation that threatens the safety of Iraq and the area.” The KH varieties an built-in a part of the Iraqi safety forces, below the direct command of the Prime Minister.

The group was shaped in 2003 through the US invasion and occupation of Iraq and have a historical past of resisting the occupation forces. It’s at present the one Iraqi Shia militia that’s designated as a terrorist organisation by the US authorities. Israel not too long ago claimed that it might not permit Iran to entrench itself in Iraq by means of the Hashd Al-Shaabi, which was established in response to a fatwa by Iraq’s Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani to fight Daesh.

Iran condemned the air strikes as “terrorism”. The official web site of the KH additionally denounced America’s “heinous crime” of violating Iraq’s sovereignty and issued requires the expulsion of the US from the nation.

There are believed to be roughly 5,000 US troops nonetheless in Iraq, regardless of a withdrawal in December 2011 below the earlier administration.

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