US envoy Stephen Biegun tells North Korea: ‘Let’s get this done’

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Media caption‘Allow me to talk directly to our counterparts from North Korea. . .let’s do this’

US special envoy Stephen Biegun has urged North Korea to come to the bargaining table, stating:”We’re here, let us do this.”

His remarks from Seoul come days after North Korea conducted missile tests in a satellite launching website.

North Korea has established an end-of-year deadline for the US to think of a fresh denuclearisation deal which would involve substantial sanctions relief.

It said the US would anticipate a”Christmas present” if it didn’t comply.

Mr Biegun – that the US special agent for North Korea – known as Pyongyang’s statements”aggressive, negative and unnecessary”, adding that the US needed a”target… maybe not a deadline”.

He called for Pyongyang to put in discussions with the US, stating to his North Korean moves:”It’s time for us to perform our tasks. Let us do this. We’re here and you are aware of how to reach us”

US President Donald Trump has stated he won’t lift sanctions before North Korea fully abandons its nuclear programme.

North Korea stated if the US didn’t create an acceptable deal, it would come across a”new method”.

What tests did North Korea execute?

Pyongyang seems to have closed the door on additional US talks, focusing rather on analyzing missiles.

On 8 December, it also said it performed a”very important test”. It held another evaluation under a week after on 14 December.

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The two evaluations were stated to be completed in the Sohae Satellite Launching Ground – a website that North Korea had promised to dismantle.

It is not clear what was being analyzed – however Ankit Panda, North Korea specialist at the Federation of American Scientists, told the BBC it might be a floor test to get a ballistic missile engine.

How are US – North Korea relations?

The US and North Korea have reached a nuclear impasse.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un along with his US counterpart Mr Trump held historic talks in Singapore in June 2018 and in Vietnam earlier this year directed at denuclearisation.

In addition they held”impromptu” talks in the Demilitarised Zone that divides North and South Korea in June.

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Mr Trump and Mr Kim’s diplomatic days seem to have all but vanished

But discussions have stalled since – a recent meeting of officials at Stockholm finished with progress – and North Korea declared testing of its own high-value ballistic missiles.

North Korea also seems to have revived its verbal attacks against Mr Trump for the very first time in a couple of decades.

The foreign ministry said Mr Trump was confrontational, it”should truly be diagnosed because the relapse of this dotage of a dotard”.

The North first known as Mr Trump that a dotard, meaning weak and old, in 2017.

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