‘US should leave Syria and deal with its internal crisis’ – Middle East Monitor

The Russian Foreign Ministry has actually highly reacted to United States remarks about the Middle East, explaining them as “crazy”, news firms reported on Friday.

United States Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker revealed on Thursday that Russia should “go out” of Syria as it has actually played a “destructive” function there.

A source in the Russian Foreign Ministry reported by Rai Al-Youm news site mentioning: “It appears that he [Schenker] does not understand what he was discussing. His remarks exceeded excellent and evil. They are silly remarks.”

The source likewise divulged:

The expert level in the United States Department of State ended up being really low. The United States should leave Syria and deal with its internal crisis.

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Schenker explained on Thursday Russia’s existence in Syria and the Middle East was a “rough blunder” of the Obama administration. “For 45 years, this has been the cornerstone of American politics – to keep Russia away from the Middle East,” he declared, mentioning that Russia was playing a damaging function in the area and should leave.

Meanwhile, the Russian embassy in Washington reacted: “In response to Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker’s blatant call for Russia to ‘go out of the Middle East’ we would like to remind: Russian military is stationed in Syria at the invitation of its government.”

According to Russian TASS news company, the embassy included: “The real question here: what are the grounds for the USA to occupy several swaths of this sovereign country? As far as we know none of them are legal. Neither the legitimate authorities nor the UN Security Council sanctioned American troops deployment.”

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