Use Microlearning In Your Employee Training Program

Why Microlearning Should Be A Part Of Your Employee Training And Development Program

Recently, the term microlearning is becoming more and more prevalent in the field of employee training and development. Gone are the days when employees were made to sit through long and boring training programs. These days, employees prefer on-the-go learning that helps them gain essential skills without sacrificing the time spent on their other tasks. This is where microlearning shines. It involves short, targeted bits of information that are easier to learn and comprehend for a modern workforce.

The bite-sized learning materials, such as videos, podcasts, PowerPoints, and infographics, help employees complete a course faster. One of the main reasons for microlearning’s popularity is its ability to make learning more interesting and engaging without taking much time. Here are 6 reasons why you should make microlearning a part of your employee training and development program:

1. Improves Knowledge Retention

When a learning program is lengthy, your employees may quickly forget the information they gathered. They may find the course boring and struggle to get everything they need from it. However, this is not the case with microlearning. It focuses on…

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