Using A Good Story To Teach Valuable Lessons

A Short Story With Massive Insight: Teaching Valuable Lessons

Stone Soup is a classic tale that has been re-told in many ways. The following is one version captured on YouTube:

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The story can be summarized as follows:

Two bedraggled, starving travelers arrive at a village and set about knocking on doors to ask for food. The responses are varied but equally unsuccessful. Some of their knocks on doors simply go unanswered. Other residents answer the door but ignore their requests for food. Some reply abruptly that they have no food and a few explain that they cannot help because they themselves have no food. Eventually, the two travelers decide to ask to borrow a pot so that they can make their own famous soup. They are lent a pot and set about making their magic stone soup.

The villagers become intrigued and gather around to watch the two travelers making their special soup from boiling water and a stone. The two travelers then start interacting with the crowd by stating that “a carrot would make their…

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