Vettel will adhere to team orders despite Ferrari split

Ferrari announced in May that four-time Formula 1 world champion Vettel will be leaving the team by the end of the summer season, being replaced by Carlos Sainz.

Vettel unmasked yesterday that Ferrari never made him an offer for 2020, and he was “surprised” to have the call informing him of his exit.

Tensions arose between Vettel and Leclerc on multiple occasions through 2019 as Ferrari attempted to use team orders, and both crashed out while fighting for position in Brazil a year ago.

Vettel said that although his departure from Ferrari was confirmed, however not change his approach to following team orders if the situation arise.

“I think this year is very difficult to answer, because we don’t know what type of season we will have ahead of us. We don’t know yet how competitive we will be,” Vettel said.

“But surely should the situation arise and make perfect sense, however think you anticipate both drivers to help each other out.

“I don’t believe has any such thing to do with the actual fact my contract expires, and I’m going to leave the team.

“But when i said at exactly the same time, you’re clearly racing yourself. I’m perhaps not trying to make Charles’ life easy on-track with regards to waving him by.

“I think we have been fighting each other before, and we will keep on to do this.”

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Leclerc agreed that there will be no change in how Ferrari handled team orders, placing an emphasis on working as a team.

“I don’t think that will change compared to the other seasons,” Leclerc said.

“Last year we were fighting each other, and sometimes we also need to play as a team, or drive as a team and are a team, which is always very important.

“It’s also very beneficial for us to are a team. There will be a situation where I do believe it’s clear that we have to are a team.”

Leclerc added that despite some close on-track moments with Vettel last year, that he felt there clearly was always an even of respect between them during his rookie season.

“I’ve learned a massive amount with Seb as a teammate, and I’ll continue to until the end of the season,” Leclerc said.

“Just him as a driver, but additionally as an individual, I enjoyed him.

“We had our on-track battles and sometimes it didn’t end just how we wanted, but there clearly was always respect off-track that was good to see.”