Virginia eliminated its rape kit backlog, attorney general says

“Virginia’s backlog of untested rape kits has been completely eliminated and it’s never coming back,” Herring stated Wednesday at an interview in Richmond,Virginia

While DNA is assisting to fix increasingly more criminal offenses, even those years old, the backlog of unprocessed rape sets has actually long been an issue across the country. According to End the Backlog, a program of the nationwide non-profit Joyful Heart Foundation, it’s approximated that there are numerous countless them throughout the nation.
A federal law passed late in 2015– the Debbie Smith Reauthorization Act– is focused on getting rid of the backlog around the nation by offering financing from the Justice Department to assist regional authorities overcome their unprocessed sets.

Virginia is just the seventh state in the nation to get rid of its rape kit backlog, according toHerring

“It’s taken a lot of work but eliminating this backlog means that a wrong has been righted, that justice is closer for more survivors and that Virginia is a safer place,” Herring stated.

Virginia’s private investigators and forensic researchers evaluated 2,665 sets, submitted 851 brand-new DNA profiles into the nationwide DNA database, and sent out 354 matches to police for more examination, Herring stated.

Charges are currently pending versus one guy as an outcome of the job, and authorities expect more charges might be submitted because of brand-new proof, the attorney general stated.

The necessary usage of a physical proof healing kit (ADVANTAGE) tracking system will guarantee sets are sent for screening in a prompt way moving forward, getting rid of future stockpiles, stated Linda Jackson, director of the Virginia Department of Forensic Sciences.