Vivo details some of the new features in FuntouchOS 10

Vivo was occupying the forthcoming X30 for quite a while now. The fascinating phone is expected to attribute and Exynos 980 chipset, complete with an incorporated 5G modem, in addition to an impressive camera installation. It’ll be introduced on December 16 and at a fairly anticipated development is officially confirmed to comprise the subsequent variation of vivo’s habit Android-based OS.

Following some soul-searching concerning the platform’s title, Jovi OS is outside and FuntouchOS will stick around because the official name. Vivo was kind enough to show some of the new features coming to FuntouchOS 10, together with a taser video.

Program Sharing type of stands out with this listing. The description of this attribute is quite vague and thus is your presentation, but seemingly it permits”sharing” sound, audio, in addition to vibration out of one vivo telephone to another. To us it appears to be a type of low-latency casting execution, which also happens to support vibration. However, it might be more complicated that , since things such as muli-cast can also be kind of suggested, which means that you are able to talk about a clip or your own match using an area of people. We’re also not ruling out the possibility of remote management by a customer device. Believe MirrorLink or even a remote desktop or VNC style installation. This will really open this Program Sharing feature till lots of interesting use cases.

Dynamic backgrounds and effects will also be coming to FuntouchOS 10. The latter appear to be quite self explanatory and contain things like comprehensive animations for status bar icons and alterations. Additionally, dynamic advantage light outcomes. The backgrounds are somewhat more mysterious in nature, however, because the origin mentions macro fluid pictures and talks of river, sea and lake movement as a goal.

The supplied sample background clarifies the total appearance and feel far better than any text description. After all, FuntouchOS 10 appears to feature a massive concentrate on visual polish. We value the teaser and certainly will be awaiting more information come December 16.

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