Warns MSNBC if Trump Is Exonerated “He’s Going to Bring Putin into the White House for a Meeting”

Democrat Thought Leader Maxine Waters Spouts Off: Warns MSNBC if Trump Can Be Exonerated”He is Going to Bring Putin to the White House to get a Meeting”

Mad Maxine took a victory lap this week following President Trump had been impeached from the Democrats in the US House on their false criminal charges.

Maxine was pushing impeachment for many years now — since Trump has been Putin’s puppet!

But now Democrats are concealing the content of impeachment at the basement of the Capitol and back home on Christmas, Kwansaa holiday season.

Maxine Waters went with MSNBC News this week after the Democrat Party vote to impeach Trump.


Maxine cautioned MSNBC following the vote that when Trump is exonerated by the Senate,”He will bring Putin to the White House for a meeting”
Seemingly, this is a poor thing.

Boy, these Democrats are all nuts.

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