Washington Redskins will officially change their name Monday

The Washington Redskins are expected to really have a new name soon.

The Washington Redskins have now been long overdue for a name change. Sponsors dropping out finally took place come july 1st and it only became a matter of time before owner Dan Snyder stumbled on his senses.

There have been rumors of the team changing its name soon, and there’s been actual traction on this front as opposed to general sentiments of trying to be better.

It appears the current name may be eliminated as soon as Monday, according to a recently available report from Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal.

It’s time for a quick change for the Redskins.

This is very the news story on a Sunday night. The Redskins are apparently wasting virtually no time in shifting from the name, even though a new name is reportedly not yet chosen. That could mean the team plays the 2020 season as just “Washington” or something minus the Redskins name included, but at the very least, the newest name almost certainly won’t engage in Monday’s announcement.

It may have taken FedEx to pressure the team, but change continues to be good even when it does come too late. The Redskins moniker has been difficult for decades and there is just no way Snyder could disregard the noise in just about any longer in 2020.

Having a problematic or offensive sports team name is just unnecessary and very nearly hard to fathom. This change officially going through may possibly force other teams like the Cleveland Indians to increase their own process in getting a new name.

Officially retiring the “Redskins” will straight away have fans wondering what the new name will become. Yet it is important is shifting from the name and choosing something new that doesn’t offend any group. There is not any need for a sports team name to own any negative meanings plus it just took Snyder and company some financial pressure to finally figure that out.