We ask the UAE to take its hands off our oil, gas and ports – Middle East Monitor

Governor of Yemen’s Al Mahwit region, Saleh Sami, called on UAE Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Zayed, to lift his hands off Yemen’s oil, gas and ports.

On Twitter, Sami wrote: “Oh, [Saudi-led] coalition, we usually do not want one to arm our army or maintain our security. We only ask [Mohammed] Bin Zayed to take his hands off our ports and stop preventing the export of our gas and oil through them.”

According to local reports, the UAE is controlling major Yemeni ports through its mercenaries.

The UAE militias will not leave Belhaf gas plant, the largest economic project in the united kingdom.

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The Saudi-backed Yemen government accuses the UAE of supporting the separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC) to serve its interests in Yemen. Abu Dhabi denies this claim.

On 25 April, the STC announced self-rule in the south of the country. While UAE-backed forces have staged a “coup” in the Socotra Archipelago, government officials have said.