Who were the ‘Pancha Pandavas’ of East Bengal and what impact did they have in Indian football?

East Bengal flaunted one of the most dangerous strike pressure of Indian football throughout the late 1940 s and very early 1950 s.

East Bengal’s popular ‘Pancha Pandavas’ were a collection of 5 dangerous demonstrators who bet the club in between 1949 and1953 They were perhaps one of the most dangerous strike pressures in the background of the club in addition to Indian football.

Inspired from the Hindu impressive message of Mahabharata, this name was offered to the 5 star forwards of the Red and Golds – Appa Rao, PB Saleh, P Venkatesh, Ahmed Khan and KP Dhanraj – all of whom came from Southern India.

Appa Rao originated from Madras (currently Chennai) and was the initially amongst the ‘Pancha Pandavas’ to sign up with the club in1941 He was adhered to by Saleh in 1945 who came from Kottayam,Kerala The various other 3 gamers Venkatesh (1948), Khan and Dhanraj (1949) originated from the state of Mysore (currently Karnataka).

Back in those days, Indian clubs utilized to play a 2-3-5 development which included 5 forwards. P Venkatesh and P.B Saleh utilized to include on the right and left wing specifically. Ahmed Khan (in the picture listed below) was the recommended left-inside ahead while Appa Rao played as the right-inside ahead. KP Dhanraj was the centre-forward of the group.

The introduction of the 5 star forwards aided East Bengal develop themselves as one of the giants of Indian football.

During the Pancha Pandavas- period the Red and Golds won a total amount of 11 prizes. Three CFLs (1949, 1950, 1952), 3 back-to-back IFA Shields (1949, 1950, 1951), 2 Durand Cups (1951, 1952), one Rovers Cup (1949) and 2 DCM prizes (1950, 1952).

Ahmed Khan

Other than residential accomplishments, East Bengal took pleasure in success versus worldwide challengers also. Post India’s Independence, the Red and Golds’ very first worldwide suit protested China’s Olympic XI which the Kolkata titans won 2-0 politeness objectives from Appa Rao andSaleh They had actually additionally played a pleasant suit versus Sweden’s FC Gothenburg in 1951 which they won 1-0 many thanks to Saleh’s strike.

East Bengal’s first-ever worldwide excursion was throughout the World Youth Congress in Bucharest,Romania The Kolkata titans played their very first 2 suits versus Lebanon XI and Austrian club Grazer SC which they won 6-1 and 2-0 specifically. Unfortunately, they shed to Romania in the semifinal 4-0.

Their outstanding program stood out at the worldwide degree and they were welcomed to the USSR (currently Russia) to participate in an additional competition. They began the excursion with an interesting 3-3 draw versus regional club FC Torpedo Moscow where Venkatesh had actually racked up a support. But incapable to handle the excruciating winter of the USSR, the Indian side shed their remainder of the matches 9-1, 13 -1 and 6-0.

Between 1949 and 1953, East Bengal racked up a massive 347 objectives with the Panch Pandavas accountancy for 260 of them which highlights the impact these guy carried the club’s ton of money in that duration. In reality, Ahmed Khan was called East Bengal’s ahead of the turn of the century by the club.

The 5 wonderful guys from down southern had definitely a big impact in laying the structure of one of the biggest and most effective football clubs of Indian football.

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