Why the Future of Work Could Still Find You Unprepared

While the employee has been preparing for a shake-up in the workplace, the organization has remained under the illusion of safety. Many organizations are seemingly complacent and believing that things will only get better for them.

The Human Development Report 2015: Work for Human Development pointed out how globalization and advancement in technology are influencing the future of work.

The digital revolution has spawned new frontiers of work, giving life to new companies.

Through the digital revolution, we’ve seen Uber and Airbnb (sharing), Netflix (entertainment), Upwork and Mechanical Turk (crowdsourcing and crowd working), and many more companies begin.

Yet these are only the earliest fruits of this revolution. To enjoy what comes next, you’ll need to do a little more. Here are signs that you’re not doing enough to prepare for the future of work:

1. You Don’t Know How to Keep Your Best People.

While each industry needs a specific set of skills that are unique to it — hospitals seek doctors and, schools seek teachers — employees with a variety of skills will be sought after — across all industries.

Skilled workers such as analysts, actuaries, and data scientists who’re critical for the future of the organization will suddenly be in short supply, increasing attrition and costs.

Today people are changing jobs in record numbers. A survey conducted by Robert Half, a staffing firm, shows that 64 percent of workers favor job-hopping. Not surprisingly,

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